Novak  Mod1 5mm Steel Pinion 3-Pack 21/22/23T (NOV5124)

Novak Mod1 5mm Steel Pinion 3-Pack 21/22/23T (NOV5124)

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This is the Novak 5mm Bore Mod 1 Hardened Steel Pinion 3-Pack 21T/22T/23T.


Compatible with Novak Ballistic 550, 4PHD 4-Pole, HD8 1/8 and other
1/8 scale 550-size, and 4-pole brushless motors with a 5mm output
Hardened steel construction for incredible strength and resistance
to corrosion
Ultimate pinion gear for 1/8 Electric, 4X4 SCT, Monster Trucks, and
other heavy-duty and go-fast applications
Engineered for maximum durability
CNC-machined for ultra-precise concentricity
For use with 5mm shaft motors
Allows driver to experiment with different gear ratios
Number of teeth stamped on back of each gear


One each 21, 22, and 23 tooth Mod 1 Steel Pinion Gears and three
4x4mm set screws


Installing on motor shaft and tightening set screw

Model: NOV5124
Manufacturer: Novak

Length: 12mm
Number of Teeth: 21, 22 and 23
Gear Pitch: Mod 1
Mounting Hole Diameter: 5mm

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