Slimline  Flightline Fueler Gas / Smoke Fluid (2010)

Slimline Flightline Fueler Gas / Smoke Fluid (2010)

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The first ever container designed specifically to safely fuel and de-fuel R/C airplanes

  • 3/16 Thick Plastic Container with 3.0 Gallon Capacity 
  • Wide No Tip foot Print 9 x 12 
  • Large Easy Carry Handel- Tough very very Tough go ahead and lean on it! 
  • 3 mm Threaded Brass Inserts Molded into Container for Mounting Pump
  • Large Easy Fill Top Bung with Threaded Vent Knob
  • Comes with Universal Fill Nozzle and CNC Machine Hardware

Model: 2010
Manufacturer: Slimline
Wide Footprint 9" X 12" 

Wide Easy Carry Handle 
Thick Molded Plastic for Strength and Durability 
3 Gallon Capacity 
Complete System: Gas, Glow, and Smoke Oil
Composite Manual Fuel Pump
Universal O-Ring Fill Nozzle

CNC Machined Hardware with Anodized Finish

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